My name is Chris Pandolfi. I’m a full time musician, producer and all-around creative based in Denver, Colorado.

Music was all around me growing up. My grandparents, Frank and Carmela Pandolfi, started the Connecticut Opera Association in 1942. I never met my grandfather, but my grandmother got us playing piano at a really young age. Ultimately inspired by my older brother Jono’s musical tastes and exploits, I got my first banjo in the summer of 1997. The next ten or so years flew by. During that time I got my undergrad degree at Dartmouth College and then went on to be the first ever banjo principal at the Berklee College of Music before moving to Nashville, TN in 2004. Along the way I was lucky to work with many amazing people, but ultimately I started a band with great musicians who are also my great friends–The Infamous Stringdusters. We have been touring for about 11 years, have a bunch of albums, two Grammy nominations and an amazing community of fans. We strive to make good original music, explore the world and enjoy life.

Aside from the Dusters I have a few solo endeavors that keep me busy. TRAD+ is a banjo-centric exploration of a different sonic world, combining vinyl samples, drums, synths, strings, beats and much more. I released my first album, Interference, in the fall of 2015, and it’s been downloaded over 600,000 times internationally. TRAD+ continues to evolve and more new music is on the way. Before these experiments started, I wrote and produced two banjo-centric solo albums (Looking Glass and the Handoff), that featureĀ  a lot of original music and some of my favorite acoustic players. Andy Hall and I also front the Bluegrass Generals–a rotating cast of killer bluegrass pickers that come together for a weekend of music a few times a year. Past Generals include Sam Bush, Larry Keel, Sam Grisman, Billy Nershi, Billy Strings and more. I do session work in Denver and work as a producer for other artists/bands, helping them craft their music, a job I absolutely love to do.

While music has always been my passion, I also love to write and create short motion pictures. I started working on video around 2007, filming the ‘Dusters hijinx, documentary style. Since then I have enjoyed finding more and more creative ways to use the camera/editing software, from stop-motion to performance to ski vids. My writing focuses mostly on our adventures and our musical scene, a subject that’s always interested me along my journey from the Northeast to Nashville, Virginia and now Colorado. Bluegrass is its own world, filled with incredible musicianship and a short but vibrant history of crazy characters, trends and changes. A few of my pieces about the current state of the bluegrass world reached a big audience. In the wake of that attention the International Bluegrass Music Association asked me to deliver a keynote address at the 2011 World of Bluegrass in Nashville, TN (their annual business conference), giving some real recognition to a new vision of a bigger, more connected acoustic world. I also explored many of these topics in a recent piece for No Depression’s ‘Bluegrass Beyond’ issue. It’s an exciting time for bluegrass, and we look forward to beingĀ a part of whatever is next.

I moved to Denver, CO in 2013, a place that has always embraced the Stringdusters. I’m excited to call it home.


  1. Tom Clark · January 4, 2011

    Hi Chris , I really love your approach to banjo playing , I am a player myself for many years. It is so true of what you say ….. “the stringduster life . ” I too had my years of this and treasured every minute of it . I was much younger then and this is precisely the point that I make to you to go with it right to the limit while you are young and can do this. I still play, but at much smaller venues now and it is in some ways even more fun, just not the excitement of the travel part . Hey, if you don’t mind me asking , tell me about your mic set up that you use on your banjo it sounds great! . I am still anchored down to a mic stand when I play . Keep on pickin Chris , Tom

    • chrispandolfi · January 4, 2011

      Hey Tom. Sorry it took me forever to get back to you!! Thanks for the kind words. We are definitely living it up and enjoying every minute!
      I use an EMG banjo pickup but it is still a prototype and not available yet. In the past I have used a Fishman banjo pickup. I believe they only make one, and it’s easy to install/use.
      Thanks again!!

  2. Huggy Bear · January 4, 2011

    You’re a boss Chris!

  3. George van Vlaanderen · January 4, 2011

    Hey Chris:

    I am a big ISD fan particularly of your playing. Would you consider Skype lessons for the banjo?


    George van Vlaanderen

  4. Tyler · January 4, 2011

    Quick question, what do you use to amplify your banjo?

    • chrispandolfi · January 4, 2011

      I mostly use a Fishman pickup with a Radial Tonebone DI .