TRAD+ is my main musical side project away from the Stringdusters–a fusion of all the sounds I’ve explored along the way. It’s a mix of acoustic, electronic, strings, synths, vinyl samples, live drums, improvisation and all original music. It’s a cinematic journey that travels from minimalist roots to EDM banjo. We experiment in the studio and we experiment at shows, combining lots of new sounds with a passion for playing live. The first album of all this new music is called Interference, and it’s almost done. TRAD+ is my musical dream. Thanks for listening.

CP–banjo, electric guitar, keys, programming, vocals

Nick Falk–drums, percussion



3 thoughts on “TRAD+, THE MUSIC

  1. Great stuff, Chris! At the beginning of the first video, I’m reminded of my habit of forgetting to remove the fingerpicks while I’m mousing around and typing key commands. An art in itself.

    Really pleased to hear you doing this!


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