TRAD PLUS is my solo musical journey, bringing together all the sounds, vibes, composition, and production ideas I’m into. It’s beats, banjo, samples, vintage, modern and everything in between. It’s ever evolving. It’s me.

I have two TRAD PLUS albums out. The latest is Trance Banjo, a concept record that utilizes lush symphonic vinyl samples on every track. I started experimenting with the samples a few years earlier and ultimately put them together wit driving beats, drum samples, all kinds of futuristic virtual instruments, synths and more. On top of it all are a bunch of my latest modern banjo compositions. Sometimes the tunes came first, sometimes it was the vibe of the track that lead the way. I make the samples from old vinyl (I’m always on the hunt) right here in my studio in CO. I make almost all of it here. My main man Nick Falk contributed some excellent live drums and Stuart Duncan played some sublime fiddle. The rest is all me.

My first album, INTERFERENCE (released late 2015), is a nine-track drift from ambient soundscapes to heavy melodic hooks that also features Nick Falk on drums as well as special guest Oteil Burbridge on bass. When I set out to make Interference I had no idea where I was going, which was amazing. It utilizes way less banjo and lots of experimental production ideas, from lo-fi Casio beats to heavily edited vinyl samples. This album was the start of long journey.