Vader series (Gathering of the Vibes)

Here’s a Darth Vader series with our beloved booking agent, the Yeti (aka Joshua Knight), at Gathering of the Vibes 2011. Super fun festival, the most tie-dyes I’ve seen all summer. Vibes celebrates our universal connection to the Grateful Dead, showcasing the members, the music and the legendary scene (Further, Rhythm Devils, Dark Star Orchestra, etc). Their sound is a feeling. It has influenced our music, of course, but also our concept of group musical experiences. We love the Dead. Andy Falco had never heard Dark Star and he really lost it. “Did you hear that China Rider holy sh#t!” The rest of the line-up reads like a family tree of the roots/jam scene that the Dead helped create. Go to a festival like this, and find a bunch of excellent fans.

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