Country Music?

Finally, somebody tells it like it is in print (in a place that matters). Peter Cooper has a genius article in today’s Tennessean that sheds some light on just how contrived today’s iteration of ‘country music’ can be. The sad part is that it still sells, and the old-school label behemoths keep a knife to the industry’s throat as long as they pump this nonsense into every dying retail outlet across the country. But when the country capitalist suits have no more game to play, quality music will rise. People will want something sincere, and that’s great news for real artists. Be ready.

Check out the whole article, but first enjoy the money line (what a badass!):

‘I’d rather be hit by a can of your favorite domestic beer than hear you name-check that beer one more time when you’re singing about the party in the woods that you know darn well the three people who wrote the song in a metropolitan Nashville office absolutely, for sure, did not attend.’

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