Country Music?

Finally, somebody tells it like it is in print (in a place that matters). Peter Cooper has a genius article in today’s Tennessean that sheds some light on just how contrived today’s iteration of ‘country music’ can be. The sad part is that it still sells, and the old-school label behemoths keep a knife to the industry’s throat as long as they pump this nonsense into every dying retail outlet across the country. But when the country capitalist suits have no more game to play, quality music will rise. People will want something sincere, and that’s great news for real artists. Be ready.

Check out the whole article, but first enjoy the money line (what a badass!):

‘I’d rather be hit by a can of your favorite domestic beer than hear you name-check that beer one more time when you’re singing about the party in the woods that you know darn well the three people who wrote the song in a metropolitan Nashville office absolutely, for sure, did not attend.’

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  1. July 11, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    What was it big Bubba said before little Bubba dismantled his legacy: “I feel your pain”. The use of rock and roll defined as country has been around for at least thirty five years just not on such a grand scale. When Gary Stewart had a big smash(“Out Of Hand” with wailing steel guitars) and then cut the followup with in your face, sleazy, fuzztone driven guitars (“Your Place or Mine”) Nashville was mildly shocked. Of course ever picker with a fuzz unit was gonna go hug the guy for finally letting them use their fuzz boxes on something besides Marty Robbins, “Don’t Worry About Me”(That fuzz break was actually a mistake but that is another story). At the same time The Amazing Rhythm Aces were doin rock as country with “The End Is Not In Sight” but it was really more in the tradition of the Allman Brothers “Travellin Man” which also was played on country stations. While I meander down memory lane it seems that these little aberrations from country were so rare they actually scored quite well on the then “Country” charts. Now the inverse has happened as the author has pointed out using Country references while they crank up the Les Pauls to blinding volume and shake their close to middle age booties in an attempt to convince us that they really are country just like you and I are….NOT…. what was it Cole Porter said “Don’t Fence Me In” Nashville now has its own 30,000 acre ranch it just isnt in Texas…..

  2. DREW
    July 11, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    Shawn Camp and Ryan Bingham approve of this post.

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