New TRAD PLUS album, ‘Trance Banjo’

After a long time in the creative cauldron, my new TRAD PLUS album, ‘Trance Banjo,’ is nearing completion. I launched a Kickstarter project last week to help make the production of this album possible. The concept behind this latest project materialized when I was finishing my last album, Interference, 6 years ago. It’s a fusion of lush, symphonic vinyl samples with modern banjo composition, beats, futuristic software instruments, strings, synths and more. Please check it out and consider buying the music and supporting not only this project, but also the bigger effort to bring value back to recorded music. The music industry (and the world in general) are experiencing seriously unprecedented times. We need to evolve and find a sustainable path forward that does not require musicians to be on the road constantly to make a decent living. More on that very soon. Thanks so much for checking it out!

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