Grammy Nominated!!

Such an incredible honor to wake up this morning to the news that we are nominated for a Grammy for ‘Best Bluegrass Album of the Year!’ by the Recording Academy for our latest album, ‘Laws of Gravity.’ We’ve been so committed to this band for so long, putting all our time, energy, heart and soul into making it go, and this still comes as such an unexpected surprise! Needless to say, we can’t do any of this on our own, and there are so many people to thank for their help along the way. Huge thanks to our families, who support us unconditionally on this crazy ride, to our excellent management team at 7S (Phil, Alex and Chris), to our amazing agents (Joshua and Liz), our incredibly hard-working and committed road crew (Drew, Katrina, Jason, Cam, and Tracey), our publicists (Todd and Angela), to everyone at Compass Records Group, and of course to all of our amazing fans. Absolutely none of this happens without any of you, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

When we were just starting out, we had no idea what we were getting into, and that was probably for the best! But we loved playing together and that was more than enough to keep us going. Over time it has evolved into something that is so much bigger than just us. It’s a team, a family, a community of amazing energy that we feel every step of the way. All of that collective effort helps us, the band, focus on the one thing that started this whole journey, the one thing that remains our passion and our driving force: the music. To have that recognized by the Grammys is such an amazing honor, and we could not be more excited or grateful. Thank you all a million times!

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