TRAD+ is making moves and a debut album is now on the way. I wrote almost all the music in the last year (probably half of it in the 2 weeks leading up to the sessions), but the studio experimentation process has been all day, every day for a long time now. The addition of Nick Falk on drums last fall really moved things forward with the sound, and now it’s time to start getting the music out there. We took everything that I had written/recorded (mostly in Ableton Live) and brought it with us to Notably Fine Audio in Denver, where we tracked all kinds of live parts over two marathon days of heavy creativity. These are the latest sights/sounds. I’ve got everything coming together now at TRAD+ headquarters in Denver–editing, more recording, mixing, more creativity. Planning to get all of this done by summer, and in the mean time play a few more shows on the front range including two nights with the Kyle Hollingsworth Band in Boulder and Ft. Collins, and a big show in April that we will announce soon..

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