Fall Tour on Film

Thanks to everyone who helped make this tour happen, it was really memorable for us.

And for whatever we can’t remember, there’s video. I brought a video rig on tour to capture a lot of the live music as well as our travels/adventures. I had 9 GoPro Hero 2 cameras, 7 wireless units, a mac laptop and a couple big USB hubs. I have most of the shows shot on 5-8 wide angle GoPros, sitting here on a hard drive, a few already edited and the others ready to go. Drew Becker has of course been putting next day audio on the Show Hive–an amazing way to keep up with the Stringduster experience. Now we are adding the video. The rig has it’s limitations (batteries, memory, etc) so I would usually get the second set. But there’s lots to choose from and an arsenal of new Stringduster videos is about to be born.

We are putting out one video every day this week, mostly performance stuff, some b-roll, etc. Then starting next week we’ll have a 3 video series that looks back over the whole tour, including some of our outdoor adventures, new music, beer tourism, tons of live concert footage, the Pacific ocean, spandex, and so much more. That’s going to be 3 videos, over three weeks, starting on 11.26. And then we’ll see what’s left after that…

Thanks as always to GoPro–amazing people, amazing company and such cool gear.

Here’s the first video:

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