Phillip St Ours

Cool vid for a song I produced last year. Great vibe heavy track. Check out the whole album here: The Bear

Ketch Secor from Old Crow on PSO’s The Bear:

Phillip and I have been making fiery music together since we were young punks running from the Harrisonburg Police Dept., burning down every grease stained chicken coop, barn dance, and streetcorner from Grottoes to the Shenandoah County line. He, his brothers and I, came of age making Old-Time Music, singing Woody Guthrie, Eddie Rabbitt, and good old-fashioned Rock n Roll songs. We were busking the Charlottesville Mall making $100 a day back when you could see DMB at Trax for $10.50. Phil has always been a man of good taste. He and I have been mutually inspired by fine music, a good Sag Paneer, and Virginia for all these years now so it should come as no surprise that I find myself spinning his brand new solo record over and over. It’s terrific. If he had had songs like these back in the ‘Burg 20 years ago, I probably wouldn’t be sitting on this Old Crow tour bus right now fighting my way into traffic-choked West Va’s Allgood Music Festival, I’d be strapped in the jump seat next to Phillip St. Ours and his six-piece band, in a helicopter, sitting pretty, and rising high above the stage. Ketch Secor 7-9-10

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