Founding Fathers

Andy Falco and I started playing together all the time when we moved to Charlottesville a year ago. Soon after, the Founding Fathers was officially formed. What started as an acoustic side project is morphing into something different, something much more experimental. We opened for Rubblebucket (unreal band!) this past weekend at the Southern in Charlottesville, mixing in a few new elements (loop pedal, percussion), but there’s more to come. We had several plugged in rehearsals a few weeks ago. We are experimenting with a wide range of sounds, drawing on our experience producing different kinds of music in our home studios and also our copious live experiences with the Stringdusters. It’s about playing our instruments live, as always, but putting that into a new and different sonic background. New songs, new toys, new musical journeys–we are excited to see where it goes.

Thanks to Milo Farineau for the excellent pics.

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