Month: July 2011

Vader series (Gathering of the Vibes)

Here’s a Darth Vader series with our beloved booking agent, the Yeti (aka Joshua Knight), at Gathering of the Vibes 2011. Super fun festival, the most tie-dyes I’ve seen all summer. Vibes celebrates our universal connection to the Grateful Dead, showcasing the members, the music and the legendary scene (Further, Rhythm Devils, Dark Star Orchestra, etc). Their sound is a… Read more →

New Video (Dusters & String Cheese)

Live from the Electric Forest! This festival was other-worldly, bringing together the electronic and string band music scenes. I’ve never seen a site (formerly Rothbury) with more cool art/vibe installed on site–what a difference that makes. Thanks to our new friends, and hosts, the String Cheese Incident. We joined them on the main stage, along with our Railroad Earth and… Read more →


Spotify seems like a glipse into the future, and it’s already here. Check out this great article about the growing service. App-based computing simple/functional enough that people will pay, and artist compensation based on number of plays. Label cooperation? Sounds too good to be true. “This is where we’re headed,” he told them. “It’s just such a seamless experience, a… Read more →

Yellow & Blue

Today’s the day. Sarah Siskind is releasing Yellow & Blue, the first single from her upcoming album ‘Novel.’ I loved working on this video project. I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah’s music for years. Big thanks to the Owens family. Amazing flowers, Ms Crawford. Enjoy! Read more →

Country Music?

Finally, somebody tells it like it is in print (in a place that matters). Peter Cooper has a genius article in today’s Tennessean that sheds some light on just how contrived today’s iteration of ‘country music’ can be. The sad part is that it still sells, and the old-school label behemoths keep a knife to the industry’s throat as long… Read more →

Music Business, Wayword Roots style

Congratulations to the Wayword Roots on their excellent recent publicity/booking effort–one of the more innovative of 2011 so far. As curators of the Festy Experience, we hear from a lot of bands. A few days ago a large box filled with some of our favorite beers (Bells Two Hearted, intoxicating and delicious), individually packed with such noticeable care, arrived at… Read more →

W.O. Smith Music School

My grandparents, James and Flo Verhalen, have done a lot of amazing things. Some years back they set up a foundation which gives our family the rare opportunity to do something for those in need. Lately my cousins and I (all 19 or us) have stepped up, helping the causes that we have connections to. Before I left Nashville, we… Read more →