Month: March 2011

Good News for Nonprofits

My Dad wrote a great article that went up on the Harvard Business Review’s business blog this morning. This piece looks at the importance of a mission statements in the non-profit world. Nice work, Dad! “Mission” for nonprofits is the same as “profits” for private sector companies. In the private sector, corporations achieve their goals by carefully designing business operations… Read more →

Mix Magazine

Great Looking Glass mention in Mix Magazine. Thanks to Eric and Don at Independent Mastering–for the props and the good work. Eric will throw on a surf movie while he’s waiting for the ref. copy. My kind of place. “Since opening Independent Mastering in 2001, Conn and Cobb have mastered music from Garth Brooks, Kenny Chesney, George Strait, Martina McBride,… Read more →

Banff Mtn Film Festival

Go check out the Banff Mtn Film Festival–super cool event that’s traveling all over right now (checking it out in cville on Sunday). “Experience the adventure of climbing, mountain expeditions, remote cultures, and the world’s last great wild places — all brought to life on the big screen.” It looks like Baraka meets Teton Gravity Research. Here’s a great compilation… Read more →

Music that Matters

Jen Hitt put together this cool piece for WAMU. Music that Matters I talk a bit about some music that I am into, and how it influences the Dusters. You also get to check out Stu-Dunc on Looking Glass. I’m re-inspired to put on some Tin Hat Trio–such a creative band, so many beautiful sounds. Here’s a crazy video for… Read more →

Heading Home

Another 25 day tour is in the books–LA to Montana, Michigan, NY, VT, Maine and now home to VA. One odd adventure after another, constantly on the move, long drives, late nights and finally, the pilgrimage home. A new mission arises on the last day, a new motivation. The ride home is more deliberate than the usual travel day, especially… Read more →