Month: February 2011

New(ish) video

Unearthing some misc footage on tour, editing some things together. Three different scenes: testing the animation, the dreaded kfc project, and some of the ‘human fireworks’ we did a few weeks ago in WA, set to some experimental prog rock I tracked before I left Nashville. Read more →

Phillip St Ours

Cool vid for a song I produced last year. Great vibe heavy track. Check out the whole album here: The Bear Ketch Secor from Old Crow on PSO’s The Bear: Phillip and I have been making fiery music together since we were young punks running from the Harrisonburg Police Dept., burning down every grease stained chicken coop, barn dance, and… Read more →

Big Sky Big Grass (Big everything)

Best gig ever. Three days of skiing down, five to go (yesterday was a doozy, see the powder turns below). And the only thing better than the turns is the hang (see Nicole Day’s excellent pic). Crooked Still, Emmitt Nershit, Dusters–a recipe for success or disaster depending on how you look at it. I’ve been chasing people around with my… Read more →

Grammy Adventures in the City of Angels

One of the best weekends in Stringduster history, without a doubt. We all made the pilgrimage to LA, slapped on our freshest duds and walked the red carpet like it was no big thing. Our award came and went–I’m left clinging to a naughty hangover instead of that precious golden statue, but congrats to Marty Stuart. The televised show was… Read more →

Behind the Scenes

Always take some shots/vid of projects in the making. Here’s a little behind the scenes from my happy new year short, as well as something new that’s coming soon. Banjos in the foreground, camera in the back. I have a bunch of good B-roll making of stuff that will one day get out there… Read more →

Live in Charlottesville

I live in Virginia now–loving every minute of it. Definitely a different vibe than Nashville. There’s an excellent music scene here, beautiful country, beautiful city, and amazing people who have a real sense of community. Reminds me of my time at Dartmouth, in the best possible way. It’s been such a joy living with Ben, Meredith and Tam for the… Read more →