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The Infamous Stringdusters love Blue Ridge Outdoors! Great fold-out Festy shot on the cover of the new issue. The band just made a big visit to the grounds, figuring out how to make this year bigger and better. FYI, get super cheap fan presale tix right now with the password DAWG. Check out the festival writeup in BRO. Here’s what they say about the Festy:

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Infamous Krewe

The tour stopped in Asheville for the first of many Infamous Krewe sessions. This is our chance to kick it with Toubab and plan the big show. New music, new instruments, a new thing altogether. We really enjoyed having dinner and then spending the next day at Echo Mtn with the whole Krewe. Vid coming soon…

What’s next

Ski tour is done. It was even more epic than we anticipated–huge shows, 16 days of skiing, a few days of fly fishing, beautiful country and beautiful people. We are in Nashville right now, resting up for a few more shows, rehearsals with Toubab next week, and meetings with the whole team as we ramp up for the ‘We’ll Do It Live’ tour. I have some footage from the tour I need to trim down and a new camera to buy. HD video is on the way–very excited about it. It’s time to write some new Dusters music. As soon as the live album is in the can, it will be on to the next studio effort, slated for release early next year. I’m also trying to get some solo tunes/videos out, but that will have to wait until I return to Charlottesville in a few weeks. Busy times–very exciting. Thanks to everyone who came out these last few months.

Red Rocks!

It’s official: Yonder, Railroad Earth and the Stringdusters, live at Red Rocks Amphitheater this summer–one of the coolest venues in the world.

Denver Review

Good review of our Denver show with Greensky on Music Marauders, complete with a layman’s description of the ‘podding up’ phenomenon. “They seemed to be a band’s band and that night I could see why. Their instrumentation was far superior to most of the bands on the scene. I was blown away. They moved around the stage freely, forming picking circles and gathering around a single soloist.”

Beaver Creek (protect your head)

A ski helmet saved my life the other day. I still don’t remember any of it, but they tell me that when I made it down after the crash I asked the same question many, many times. The docs gave me a clean bill of health and I’m feeling great, complete with some new perspective. Protect your head before you hit the snow people. Enjoy a brief progression of pics from the day in question. The helmet at the end is the one they give you free in the Beaver Creek clinic when you bust your head. Only in CO.

Telluride Daily Planet/Brighton

Good article by our friend Katherine Warren in the Telluride Daily Planet (preview of the other night’s show). We were at Brighton yesterday. Beautiful day–blue skies and deep snow. Big thanks to our buddy Casey Zingg, daredevil and all around great dude. Heading to Bozeman to play another show with RRE tonight.

Salt Lake City 3.22

Going on in 30. Edited Big Sky footage today (still waiting to post the Boulder vid–we are on a run of shit internet for the ages). Camera shopping tomorrow–very excited. This tour has been amazing so far. Skiing Brighton tomorrow, Grand Targhee, Beaver Creek and Wolf Creek next week. Fishing the Animas River after Fort Lewis. Many great shows (with RRE and otherwise), filming it all…

Boulder Weekly

Good interview–preview of tonight’s Fox show, Grammys, current state of Duster affairs.

Dusters cover

This was an inspired photo session. Love the caption. Check out the article–great interview with Jeremy.


Great article in today’s Times by my old friend, Tim Sohn. This piece highlights a unique and growing arts program at a church in Brooklyn, NY. Recycled space and creative action. “It’s like a weird commune or something that nobody ever intended to exist.” Check out Tim’s site–always many cool projects going on.

Stringdusters LIVE album on the way…

Touring is our thing–finally the Dusters have a solid plan for a live album. We track this May in 5 amazing rooms. Album comes out at The Festy. ISD press release:

Dear fans,
It is with great excitement that we, the Stringdusters, announce our first official collaboration with you, the people. This is a live album that’s long overdue. Five of our favorite rooms in five great cities–we set up the mics, together we set up the celebration. It’s a record for all the world to hear, but some of you will actually be a part of it, partying down in the control room, signing backup while we dance across the recording studio stage. This is what we love to do. This is where our music comes to life. Join us, and this time WE’LL DO IT LIVE.
Much love,
The Infamous Stringdusters