TRAD+ is making moves and a debut album is now on the way. I wrote almost all the music in the last year (probably half of it in the 2 weeks leading up to the sessions), but the studio experimentation process has been all…


Gearing up to play this Friday at the One Up in Denver with my man Nick Falk on drums, then head right into the studio to make the first TRAD+ album. Here are some samples. Exciting times, thanks for tuning in.


New sounds, new music, working toward something..

Winter March

Here’s a new tune that came from the cold weather. Download it at my Bandcamp page.  

Xmas CD Sale/GoPro Camera Giveaway

I’m combating consumerism with a sale of my own. But my product is all-American, created right here in my American brain and recorded at my old American house in TN, no genetic modification, no child labor, just original music and homegrown yuletide cheer. You also…

BG Situation Mixtape

Ed Helms and Co. have a cool thing brewing out on the West Coast: The LA Bluegrass Situation. First they started a festival in LA, now roughly 3 years old, which has featured some of the biggest names in acoustic music (Gillian and Dave, Jackson…


Here’s some new original music I recorded in my studio over the last few days. I have a bunch of new cameras on hand, so I have been mixing in some creative live filming while tracking. Thanks to GoPro for the amazing gear. If you…