Listen, Learn

Stefon Harris is an amazing musician–check him out, especially if you are into jazz. But he also has this zen quality about him that is magical. About 11 years ago, soon after I had started playing banjo, he came to do a clinic at Dartmouth….

Best Tune Name Ever

They just don’t name them like they did before. A few more titles like this and acoustic music will crush the mainstream…

W.O. Smith Music School

My grandparents, James and Flo Verhalen, have done a lot of amazing things. Some years back they set up a foundation which gives our family the rare opportunity to do something for those in need. Lately my cousins and I (all 19 or us) have…

Proof (of something)

        See, we’re ‘blue grass’ just like the ticket says. Or maybe this is proof that nobody really knows what bluegrass is (because it’s definitely not two words).

Shredder Cats

I want to meet whoever made this ridiculous ad. The paw-on-banjo action is impeccable. Will this instrument ever transcend its reputation?

Jono Pandolfi Designs

My older brother is the man. Jono’s been the inspiration for many of my creative endeavors, most notably my music career as a whole. He’s a top notch designer (ceramics, jewelery, wood, whatever), with work in Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, the MoMA Design Store and…

Good News for Nonprofits

My Dad wrote a great article that went up on the Harvard Business Review’s business blog this morning. This piece looks at the importance of a mission statements in the non-profit world. Nice work, Dad! “Mission” for nonprofits is the same as “profits” for private…

Good thoughts for Japan

Acoustic music has many good friends in Japan. I hope they are all OK. From Moonshiner magazine:

Happy bday Nick

Today we celebrate Nicholas Pandolfi, a young man of many talents–NYC impresario, master chef, fashion authority, print media trend-setter, etc. He will probably be my boss one day. Much love little brother–happy birthday!

BG Mashup

Everybody loves a good mashup. I will have my sequencing rig with me, dropping Dubsteb samples all over this jam. Definitely looking forward to rejoining forces with my man Nate Leath.

Is that me?

There I am on the coffee table. My mom gave me those shades for xmas 2 years ago–best gift ever.