The West is Best

It’s a fact of Stringduster life: when we load up and travel West, good things happen. It’s a time when we can blur the lines between work and play, do the things we love, truly embrace the day-to-day ride. And when we are in our element (fishing, riding bikes, communing with mother nature), we tend to make a significant connection with the people, because we are all digging into life together. There’s an open-minded spirit to be found in these parts, a tangible sense of community (currently I am sitting outside in the Tetons, between classes at Grand Targhee Music Camp). It’s musical, it’s spiritual, it’s everything. Tap into that, give the people some heartfelt music and they will return the energy ten-fold. Red Rocks could not come soon enough…

I got out to the Weber River two days ago, in Utah (top pic). Big thanks to Rob at Clearwater Flyfishers for getting us into the trout–too many to count. Yesterday I got out to the South Fork of the Salmon in Idaho, with my good friend Ben Winship (amazing musician, amazing dude and all around WY badass). We floated a few miles from 6-9 PM, bringing in a few nice cutthroats. The view was epic. Pure inspiration.

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