Grammy Adventures in the City of Angels

One of the best weekends in Stringduster history, without a doubt. We all made the pilgrimage to LA, slapped on our freshest duds and walked the red carpet like it was no big thing. Our award came and went–I’m left clinging to a naughty hangover instead of that precious golden statue, but congrats to Marty Stuart. The televised show was off the hook. Eminem, Xtina and Mick Jagger were the highlights, the times when the whole place actually mustered that mega-concert energy. And the afterparty (the Roots rocked) was a sequin studded blur for our merry crew–we were right at home there. I posted all the real time details on my twitter feed: @chrispandolfi. here’s a few highlights (the pic of Cobby and the Situation is one of the best I have ever taken, and look at that afterparty–Studio 54 theme). Enjoy!

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