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The Festy is right around the corner, and we, The Infamous Stringdusters, could not be more pumped. We learned a lot the first time around (and had an amazing time in the process). This year we are honing in the three pillars of the Festy Experience: musical community, local food/beer, and outdoor lifestyle. Together these elements represent our band and our fans. They’re the best things in life–the perfect ingredients for a weekend long celebration in the mountains of central VA.

Understanding your audience becomes so much easier when you have these sorts of things in common. Sharing them over the course of a weekend is the ultimate way to bond with the people, showing them who you are and all the things you share, making real fans in the process. Give the people something to love! We love to fish, ski, bike, run, hike, eat, drink, play music and jam out to our favorite bands. So let’s do all those things together, with all the bands we have gotten to know, drawing from all the festival experience we have amassed as a band. Throwing a party is old hat to this crew. As Travis recently stated in an interview on, “We learned to play at festivals, we met at festivals, and we love the community created by festivals. The Festy Experience is amazing music, local food and libations, and a legit outdoor lifestyle experience. It’s our ideal weekend; a good hang and an awesome party in a beautiful place.”

Everything changed when we started gravitating toward a scene that we had enjoyed as fans before becoming full time musicians. You can’t quantify the value of that experience. The fans just know. Especially in the early stages of a band’s existence, real fans make a big difference. They are the grass roots publicity team, helping you get to that sustainable level where you can stay together and continue to grow (in a musical and a business sense). Core fans will proudly show your band off to the world. We love our core fans, and the Festy Experience is our chance to get them all in one place for a celebration of life. After all, we enjoy all the same things! Festivals will definitely continue to become a bigger part of our operation as the years go by. It’s something we do well, something that just makes sense, and those are always the things that work best.

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