What’s next

Ski tour is done. It was even more epic than we anticipated–huge shows, 16 days of skiing, a few days of fly fishing, beautiful country and beautiful people. We are in Nashville right now, resting up for a few more shows, rehearsals with Toubab next week, and meetings with the whole team as we ramp up for the ‘We’ll Do It Live’ tour. I have some footage from the tour I need to trim down and a new camera to buy. HD video is on the way–very excited about it. It’s time to write some new Dusters music. As soon as the live album is in the can, it will be on to the next studio effort, slated for release early next year. I’m also trying to get some solo tunes/videos out, but that will have to wait until I return to Charlottesville in a few weeks. Busy times–very exciting. Thanks to everyone who came out these last few months.

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