BG Situation Mixtape

Ed Helms and Co. have a cool thing brewing out on the West Coast: The LA Bluegrass Situation. First they started a festival in LA, now roughly 3 years old, which has featured some of the biggest names in acoustic music (Gillian and Dave, Jackson Brown, Andrew Bird, the Steeps, the Dusters, Punch Bros, Sara & Sean Watkins, etc) as well as some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Ed, Steve Martin, John C Reilly, Will Arnett). But now they are branching out, thanks in part to the addition of Situation ring leader Amy Reitnouer. Their new site proudly proclaims the Situation as “Southern California’s home for everything bluegrass, folk and Americana.” It’s a resource for players and students, a calendar of relevant shows, and more. I was happy to take part in their latest ‘mixtape’ feature, sharing some of my favorite music–check it out here. Good things are ahead for Ed and his crew…


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