Stringdusters Fall Tour

We just announced a big fall run of dates that takes us from The Festy Experience up to the Northeast, out to Cali, back across the country to the Carolinas and everywhere in between. We’re planning to bring a bigger, better experience to the people, aiming for more unique production, more new music and more good times than tours past. And we’re excited to bring it all to some really cool smaller markets that we don’t get to hit on a regular basis. Our amazing sound engineer Drew Becker will be serving up high quality board audio daily, and I’m planning to pull together my new GoPro video project for this trip, releasing unique, multi-cam videos from most shows, the very next day. Come out and see us if you can, or stay tuned to the constant stream of audio and video at Even if you can’t make the show, you can still watch it the next day from the headstock of the banjo! This should be fun…

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