Silver Sky 3.13

Here’s a short promo I put together for our upcoming album, which we are very stoked about. I shot this time lapse 4 different times in downtown Charlottesville. This was the best one. Full screen it and watch the planes criss-cross the sky just before the sun goes away!

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  1. Ed Coyle
    February 15, 2012 at 3:51 pm

    Hey Bro!
    Just checking in on your website. Love the time-lapse. I’ve always thought it was so worthwhile to take the time to do. I caught the planes at the end!! Safe travels my man. Epic pow/no tram line yesterday!
    As always, great job on the vid and looking forward to your next project….

    “Excuse me! If I could have your attention people, the ‘shnitzel is back in stock”


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