Month: August 2011

New Video!

I got creative with a bunch of borrowed cell phones (and my beautiful old imac). The tune is made up of muted banjos/guitars layered on top of live drums and programming–probably some part of an upcoming solo project. Enjoy! Read more →

San Francisco (Outside Lands!)

San Francisco will always feel like a second home to me after living there for almost a year in 1999. It’s an amazing display of progressive arts/culture/energy, combined with a natural beauty that is as inspiring as any. I took a year off from Dartmouth and relocated to a tiny apartment in Nob Hill, taking banjo lessons with Bill Evans… Read more →

IBMA Keynote

The IBMA has asked me to give a keynote address at the annual business conference this fall in Nashville (Tuesday, Sept 27th, 10:30 AM). Thanks IBMA, for such an amazing opportunity! There’s been much talk this year about the current state of Bluegrass affairs–a rekindling of an old, and important discussion. I hope to add something meaningful, and to move… Read more →

Bluegrass Awards?

And the Nominees are… A few weeks ago I pondered the concept of music associations, most of which have at least two things in common: membership dues and an awards show. For the IBMA, the awards are clearly a big deal, drawing most of the genre’s top talent to Nashville every fall for an elaborate ceremony at the Ryman complete… Read more →

Grand Targhee

Thank you good people of the 24th annual Grand Targhee Music Festival! After 4 days of teaching (camp was excellent) we were ready for the stage, and last Friday’s closing spot was extra memorable. The crowd swelled with noisy anticipation before we even played our first note–a surge of energy that sent us off into the night under the light… Read more →

The West is Best

It’s a fact of Stringduster life: when we load up and travel West, good things happen. It’s a time when we can blur the lines between work and play, do the things we love, truly embrace the day-to-day ride. And when we are in our element (fishing, riding bikes, communing with mother nature), we tend to make a significant connection… Read more →

The Festy Experience…

  The Festy is right around the corner, and we, The Infamous Stringdusters, could not be more pumped. We learned a lot the first time around (and had an amazing time in the process). This year we are honing in the three pillars of the Festy Experience: musical community, local food/beer, and outdoor lifestyle. Together these elements represent our band… Read more →