Month: June 2011

Video Autograph

Bring me a camera and I’ll film a song for you–it’s the Stringduster video autograph. Your camera goes right on one of the instruments, and you get a song (maybe two) from our perspective. Unedited, unfiltered live action. It’s yours–show your friends, show the world. Here’s the first, live in ST. Louis a few nights ago: Read more →

Storm Chasers

We were very psyched to run into these guys in central Iowa yesterday. The season’s over and they’re headed home–we’ll see them in a couple weeks at the Electric Forest. One of the two trucks took a direct hit the day before. Vid’s already up at Read more →

Telluride BG

Why is Telluride Bluegrass so epic? There are a million reasons, which is why people have been making the trek for 38 years. This year was more hype than most, with the encore performance of Mumford and Sons and the earliest sell out ever. But it was also the same quality plan of years past–the definitive gathering of acoustic all… Read more →

New tour, new video rig

Another Stringduster adventure plays out over the next three weeks. This time it’s a little bit of everything–clubs, rehearsing/writing, recording, the Tetons, NorCal and three of the nastiest festivals of the summer: Telluride, High Sierra and Electric Forest. I put together a new video rig to capture the band. It’s another step toward total video integration, involving many cameras and… Read more →

Rethinking the Studio

The Dusters just got to work on our fifth album (three already released, live record in the can, new studio effort due out next spring). In many ways this one is a lot like the others–the latest songs, the latest sounds, all with the added experience of another year and a half of touring under our belt. But it’s also… Read more →