Month: May 2011

The Meaning of McCoury

Festival season is officially underway. The Stringdusters just spent two days at the 4th annual DelFest, and we are already on the road to hit two more this weekend. The festival circuit is a migrating community of musicians and fans, a seasonal melting pot of musical scenes, where all kinds of bands, huge and small, share their crowds and their… Read more →

Yellow & Blue (making of)

I produced a music video for Sarah Siskind last weekend, for a song called ‘Yellow & Blue’ from her upcoming album, ‘Novel.’ The video’s coming soon, in conjunction with the album. I was such a fan of the last record, ‘Say It Louder,’ and this one is equally amazing–the usual selection of heavy, but beautiful and moving songs, all written… Read more →

New Vid (Backstage at the Midnight Jam)

With 15 stages and 100 artists, Merlefest pumps out the musical memories every year, but the Midnight Jam is the most memorable part of it all. I put together this short vid for American Songwriter’s website, taking you behind the scenes for a look at how the magic comes together. For a little more context check out the post below.… Read more →

Boston: the Acoustic Youth Movement

Two shows down, three to go on the We’ll Do It Live Tour. Next stop: Boston, MA. I can think of no better place for a big show than in the middle of my old hometown with our family of Northeastern friends. Boston has been especially amazing to visit in recent years, as a team of top tier young musicians… Read more →


Radio, day of the Jefferson show. Vid by Jack Looney and Tom Daly. This is a new Jeremy/Jon Weisberger song, with an instrumental section that I wrote. Tom and I are shooting this tour with multiple cameras, Brett is running lights and Justin (Festy organizer extraordinaire) is on to tour manage. The family grows. Read more →


The Infamous Stringdusters love Blue Ridge Outdoors! Great fold-out Festy shot on the cover of the new issue. The band just made a big visit to the grounds, figuring out how to make this year bigger and better. FYI, get super cheap fan presale tix right now with the password DAWG. Check out the festival writeup in BRO. Here’s what… Read more →


The Dusters just got back from Merlefest, perhaps the most plentiful weekend long display of the melting pot that is American roots music. The amount of performers is staggering, from local string bands to arena size national acts. The number of people is also staggering, which means great exposure (and lucrative fund-raising for the College, definitely a good thing) but… Read more →