Month: April 2011

The Discussion Continues…

I’m excited to see all the feedback on my recent ‘Bluegrass Manifesto,’ positive and negative. For those here to check it out, it’s one post down (“Bluegrass?”). We all care about the subject, and think good things can happen–that’s the bottom line (more on this to come). Awareness and conversation will take us in that direction. The article’s been re-posted… Read more →


I’ve been paying attention to the recent news about Bluegrass Nation–an interesting and potentially very exciting new development for the IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association). For some more background on BG Nation check out Craig Havighurst’s blog. I salute the folks trying to give the music a boost, but as a young professional in an up and coming ‘bluegrass’ band,… Read more →

Live Dusters Album…

We are about to record 5 shows and release a live album. Drew will engineer the shows, as always, and our new producer, Billy Hume, will be in on production/mixing. We’ll travel with lights, console, etc, to 5 cities that we know and love over the course of a week. Without hearing anything, it’s impossible to know what exactly this… Read more →

Electric Siskind

I’ve really enjoyed playing a few shows on electric with Sarah Siskind. We were at 12th and Porter this past week, with an incredible band: Julie Lee, Elizabeth Foster, Travis Book, Ari Hest and Doug Yowell (pics courtesy Ryan Baker). Thanks to my man Todd Lombardo for helping me get my rig set up. I’m playing a strat with a… Read more →

Jono Pandolfi Designs

My older brother is the man. Jono’s been the inspiration for many of my creative endeavors, most notably my music career as a whole. He’s a top notch designer (ceramics, jewelery, wood, whatever), with work in Crate and Barrel, Anthropologie, the MoMA Design Store and Calvin Klein to name a few. And Jono Pandolfi Designs is really just getting rolling.… Read more →

Infamous Krewe

The tour stopped in Asheville for the first of many Infamous Krewe sessions. This is our chance to kick it with Toubab and plan the big show. New music, new instruments, a new thing altogether. We really enjoyed having dinner and then spending the next day at Echo Mtn with the whole Krewe. Vid coming soon… Read more →

Still on the road…

We’re heading to Asheville right now to rehearse with Toubab Krewe, in prep for The Infamous Krewe show that we’ll take on the road this fall. This is one of my favorite bands–I can’t wait to work out some new tunes together, to craft something unique and musical that will rock a big crowd. I think there will be some… Read more →

What’s next

Ski tour is done. It was even more epic than we anticipated–huge shows, 16 days of skiing, a few days of fly fishing, beautiful country and beautiful people. We are in Nashville right now, resting up for a few more shows, rehearsals with Toubab next week, and meetings with the whole team as we ramp up for the ‘We’ll Do… Read more →

Denver Review

Good review of our Denver show with Greensky on Music Marauders, complete with a layman’s description of the ‘podding up’ phenomenon. “They seemed to be a band’s band and that night I could see why. Their instrumentation was far superior to most of the bands on the scene. I was blown away. They moved around the stage freely, forming picking… Read more →

Beaver Creek (protect your head)

A ski helmet saved my life the other day. I still don’t remember any of it, but they tell me that when I made it down after the crash I asked the same question many, many times. The docs gave me a clean bill of health and I’m feeling great, complete with some new perspective. Protect your head before you… Read more →