Don’t Mean Nothin (new music video)

Time for some new videos. Thanks to our creative ally Tom Daly for the amazing camera action (edited by yours truly), and to Paste for spreading the world. We set out to do something creative at the “Malick” hour (a reference to one of my favorite directors and his…


Here’s some new original music I recorded in my studio over the last few days. I have a bunch of new cameras on hand, so I have been mixing in some creative live filming while tracking. Thanks to GoPro for the amazing gear. If you…

Festy 2012 Lineup Announcement!

I had some fun with this–you may see these ‘founding fathers’ again. We are so pumped about this lineup! Amazing music and amazing people in a truly amazing place. Join us for three days of music at this year’s Festy Experience.

Two New Videos (That 1 Guy)

I just finished shooting/editing two new music videos for That 1 Guy, one of the most unique and amazing artists I’ve worked with. Big thanks to Andy Gems for letting us use the Southern. Are you in this Funk Bean video?

Epic Dusters Cover

This is amazing! Nothing more flattering than another band covering one of your songs, especially when they are 9000 miles away. Same arrangement, complete with shredding solo sections.

New Video!

I got creative with a bunch of borrowed cell phones (and my beautiful old imac). The tune is made up of muted banjos/guitars layered on top of live drums and programming–probably some part of an upcoming solo project. Enjoy!

All the Same

Good work, Music Fog. We shot this last fall in Nashville.

New Video (Dusters & String Cheese)

Live from the Electric Forest! This festival was other-worldly, bringing together the electronic and string band music scenes. I’ve never seen a site (formerly Rothbury) with more cool art/vibe installed on site–what a difference that makes. Thanks to our new friends, and hosts, the String…

New Video (Iris 1.0)

Here’s the first look at our new multi-camera rig–the Iris. After a few months of testing gear I’m editing 6 cameras together to capture live Stringduster action. We shot this late night at High Sierra. Much more of this on the way…

That 1 Guy (making of)

I just spent 3 days working on some conceptual music videos with That 1 Guy. Then we played a gig together–very creative times. I feel lucky to be working with such a talented and humble dude. Can’t wait to edit the videos…

Yellow & Blue

Today’s the day. Sarah Siskind is releasing Yellow & Blue, the first single from her upcoming album ‘Novel.’ I loved working on this video project. I’ve been a huge fan of Sarah’s music for years. Big thanks to the Owens family. Amazing flowers, Ms Crawford….

New tour, new video rig

Another Stringduster adventure plays out over the next three weeks. This time it’s a little bit of everything–clubs, rehearsing/writing, recording, the Tetons, NorCal and three of the nastiest festivals of the summer: Telluride, High Sierra and Electric Forest. I put together a new video rig…

Yellow & Blue (making of)

I produced a music video for Sarah Siskind last weekend, for a song called ‘Yellow & Blue’ from her upcoming album, ‘Novel.’ The video’s coming soon, in conjunction with the album. I was such a fan of the last record, ‘Say It Louder,’ and this…